of all visually impaired Indians are kids

of them are able to receive any education

of all published literature is available as audiobooks

Project Awaaz is a community based initiative to make the content more accessible for all.
So what are you waiting for?
Let's co-create a better world, one poem at a time.

How it Works

Be the voice they hear, in just 3 easy steps!

Choose a book

Discover literature in its unadulterated form, the way it’s supposed to be. Choose from your favorite books, stories and poems in multiple languages and discover India’s most celebrated authors and so many hidden gems.

Record an audiobook

After having selected a piece of literature, hit *Record* and read the text out loud from your screen. Listen to your recording and record again if you’re not satisfied. Remember, quality first.

Lend your voice

If satisfied with the recording, submit it to make it available for the millions of visually impaired people in India. Get notified about the impact that you create by taking out just a few minutes of your day. #LendYourVoice now!

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